About GMIS' Mission

GMIS was created to provide patients everywhere with the diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of radioisotopes.

GMIS provides reliable production processes for domestic supplies of medical isotopes. GMIS has developed a medical isotope production system that does not require a nuclear reactor or weapons-grade uranium to produce these isotopes. GMIS provides these patented systems for the production of medical isotopes for the nuclear medicine and imaging industry. GMIS was founded in 2013 to find alternative ways to produce a key isotope needed for patients requiring heart, bone and brain scans with detailed images enabling accurate identification and diagnosis.


Two important isotopes produced by GMIS are:


Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) is the parent isotope of technetium‑99m (Tc‑99m), which is administered to approximately 65,000 Americans every day for the purpose of scanning and diagnosing a multitude of diseases, including cancer and heart disease.


Through its unique production system, GMIS™ also produces Iodine‑131, which is widely used in imaging to diagnose and treat thyroid cancer and other abnormal thyroid conditions. It is also used to diagnose liver function, renal blood flow and urinary tract obstruction.